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The Foot Scrub That Saved Us All

Sea and Tree Foot Scrub Contains shea butter, nut oils, fragrant essential oils, and sea salt combined with the power of tea tree oil. For mild to extra stinky feet.
Price $21.00 per 11.5 oz jar.


Sea and Tree Revive This foot rub contains the same shea butter, nut oils and sea salts as the original, but we've added Ginger, Lemongrass & Mint essential oils to invigorate and massage tired feet.
Price $21.00 per 11.5 oz jar.

Sugar isn't just for dessert anymore.

Glycerin Sugar Scrub Wild Sweet Orange and Lavender are a few of the essential oils that benefit your skin. There is something almost naughty about a sugar face and body scrub. That's why we've made our scrub to clean. A balancing act, you might say. Mild glycerin soap gently washes while the organic sugar exfoliates.
A gorgeous 8oz jar for $9.99.

Balance Shea Body Rub - Shea butter blended with essential oils to bring your skin into harmony. Good for all the rough spots. Use it daily or as needed. Our most versatile rub.
Price $7.95 per 2 oz. tin.

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