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The Seven Sirens

Our signature line of soap brings together seven favorite scents (and three seasonal ones!). We call them the Seven Sirens because once your try them, you will be drawn in, never to go back to another soap again.
Price per bar $3.95 or buy five for $17.50.

Soaps - Seven Sirens

Balance - Lavender-Grapefruit.
Dream - Orange-Vanilla soap to take you back to your childhood dreams.
Wish - Special blend of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Orange, a clean scent loved by both women and men.
Nurture - Cucumber-Aloe Vera.
Super fatted soap with Shea butter. Great for your face!
Muse - Made with organic green tea. A light green tea scent.
Verbena - Lemon verbena with calendula flowers.
Awake - Pink Peppermint Soap to give a boost to your day. Carpe diem!

The Seasonal Sirens

Soaps - Seasonal Sirens

Flower - Hyacinth-Freesia-Violet with calendula flowers.
Lavender - The pure scent of lavender.
Boy - Sandalwood Bay.
Flirt - Bergamot-Geranium.

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