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Read on to hear about the exciting progress that has been made this past year:

Lazarus' impressive progress!

Lazarus' (middle) now lives with his sister, who rents one room at this house. After years at the orphanage, the leaders of the Project were able to locate family members to reunite Lazarus with his siblings. Because of the Project helping with a few of the costs, Lazarus was able to live here while still attending school at the Project. Five other family members live in the one room with Lazarus. On the right I am standing with Lazarus and our Project Chaplain, Pastor Malyo. A portion of the funds provided by the Project help many children like Lazarus be relocated into homes to live in a family atmosphere while being closely monitored by the leaders of the Lazarus Project.

Pastor Malyo, Lazarus and Gladys.
Pastor Malyo, Lazarus and Gladys.

Lazarus in eighth grade!

Lazarus receiving books from our school Manager, Mrs. Lisulo. What a pleasant smile...., who would know the kind of life this well dressed boy is faced with? Lazarus has made it to grade eight. Huge challenge because all children are tested, and only the top 60 percentile go past the seventh grade. He is the only one in their family who has ever gone this far in school. By the way, the other five siblings are all older than Lazarus but very irresponsible...its unbelievable. (His other siblings have not been at the Lazarus Project) Thanks be to God... the donations from the USA are making a difference!!

Lazarus and Mrs. Lisulo.
Lazarus and Mrs. Lisulo.

Lazarus in the one room.

This is Lazarus in the one room. That is the mattress where he sleeps with other siblings. The mattress was provided by the Project. He is holding his books and very happy to have made it to the grade eight. He knows he is the only hope for his family. We are trying to settle his sister in better living conditions so she will be able to look after Lazarus from here on without having Lazarus in residence at the Project. I must say this is very difficult, but we are all praying for Lazarus.

Thank you for your support.
Gladys Banda - May 2, 2006
Lazarus in the one room with his new books.
Lazarus in the one room with his new books.
Some key highlights for the year are listed below.

1. Continued Growth

  • Lazarus Project now houses nearly 70 boys. Many more are still on the waiting list for acceptance as soon as room becomes available.
  • Funds for operation and meeting needs of food, health care and clothing are still a huge challenge.
  • US funds have been timely and have really lightened our burden for the food needs for our boys. A big Thank You to all the faithful partners and supporters of LPOF.

2. Six boys excel in national exam.

  • Launch of the new school on the farm at the beginning of 2004 coincided well with the qualification of 6 out of 7 boys to 8th grade as entry to junior high secondary school.
  • Need for one to recall that most of these boys came to the Lazarus Project having been out of school for many years or not having been in school at all. This success speaks volumes regarding the quality of education Lazarus Project is offering.

3. Kelvin employed and married!

  • Kelvin graduated from skills training.
  • Now he is a powerful testimony of transformation.
  • Employment in agriculture department enables him to use knowledge gained from the skills training and thus is a great example to other boys.
  • Kelvin is now married. He and his wife have recently been blessed with a wonderful baby. This is God at work!

Other Highlights:

  1. UNICEF bought the Corn Grinder for Lazarus Project.
  2. Will grind our own corn here at home to help supplement income.
  3. Community soon to be invited to have their corn ground at a fee.
  4. UNICEF is currently drilling a new Well for Lazarus farm irrigation needs. The work should be completed within the next few weeks.

The focus for 2005 is projected towards agriculture development as a step to insure future self sustainability of the Lazarus Project. See the What's New page.

Kelvin and his new wife.
Kelvin and his new wife.

Lazarus Project Goals

The Lazarus Project is envisioning a full school curriculum that not only serves the orphans, but also other poor children in the area that currently have no access to education.
The Lazarus Project is considering starting a program for homeless girls. Although the majority of street kids in Zambia are boys, the number of girls is rising, and they are much more vulnerable on the street. As the Lazarus Project continues to prove itself as a successful model for rescuing children, new programs can be started in surrounding regions, making a powerful difference in the ongoing war against suffering in Zambia.

The Lazarus Project Orphans Fund has three specific purposes:

  1. To provide for the housing, feeding, clothing, and education of these growing boys.
  2. To increase the number of children being housed with consideration to the starting of a girls program.
  3. To stabilize the financial security of the project.