The Lazarus Project Orphans Fund is born.
Read about how we began. See "In The Beginning" below.

A Personal Touch

In 2003, a small group from Seattle, Washington, with close personal ties to the founders of the orphanage, started the non-profit Lazarus Project Orphan’s Fund. This American team remains in close contact with the managers of The Lazarus Project through weekly correspondence and regular trips to the orphanage. Through this team you have a direct link to Africa and the children and can get clear and concise information on how your donation is making an impact.

Orphans rescued from the street being brought to the ophanage recently.
Children rescued from the street being brought to the orphanage recently.

In The Beginning

The project began in 1999, when a local church in Lusaka (the capital of Zambia), expanded its soup ministry and began to house children full time. Since then, with the help of various outside contributions, a 40-acre farm has been purchased and several buildings have been constructed. At the farm, sixty boys currently receive not only the essentials of life, but also vocational and life skills training. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing is evident on young faces that until recently, were full of fear, mistrust, and hunger.

The fund was developed for three specific purposes:

  1. To provide for the housing, feeding, clothing, and education of these growing boys.
  2. To increase the number of children being housed with consideration to the starting of a girls program.
  3. To stabilize the financial security of the project.