How Can I Contribute?

Be part of this new endeavor and join our ranks as one who takes action against suffering and provides hope and a future to these orphans. We are looking for partners who will fund an orphan’s daily expenses. Why provide for orphans through LPOF? Here are some compelling reasons...

One hundred percent of donated funds go directly to the orphans and all administrative costs are absorbed by volunteers. The orphanage is run by passionate Zambians, who are the most qualified to navigate the local economy and who are the most understanding of the conditions from which the children come.

The Lazarus Project

These goals are realistic, life saving, and direct. The project is managed by Pastor Joshua Banda, a respected Christian leader in Zambia who is sensitive to the orphan’s complicated needs, and takes them head on in practical, strategic ways. The Lazarus Project is in its infancy, and it is an exciting time to get involved. Eventually the orphanage intends to accommodate 200 children. On a new front, the number of homeless girls is growing at an alarming rate, and the orphanage is prayerfully considering developing a program for girls.