1961 Guild Starfire Electric Guitar THIS 1961 GUILD STARFIRE with dual-single coil pickups and an original "Bigsby" whammy bar was my first electric guitar. As a thinline hollow-body, she makes a great sound for Swing!
"Luneytunes" played in the Seattle area in the 1980's and featured the music of Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Sidney Bechet, The Boswell Sisters, Cole Porter, Nat King Cole, and Benny Goodman.
You can hear this type of music on KPLU, and at Riverwalk.
Clarence Leo Fender was the Henry Ford of the Electric guitar. This 1968 Fender Mustang with "Competition Stripe" is an example of the early years. Leo's inventions changed the course of rock-n-roll, and the result was many wonderful new sounds.
Before Leo died, after much guitar history had been made with Fender he went on to form G&L Guitars and produce more wonderful innovations. These guitars are ideal for playing the Blues!
1968 Fender Mustang Electric Guitar
1981 Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar JIMI HENDRIX IMMORTALIZED THE STRAT
Breaking all the boundaries, he redefined the sound of the electric guitar. The new Experience Music Project here in Seattle features much about Jimi Hendrix and the history of the guitar. According to the architect, the structure of the building was inspired by the shape and colors of the Stratocastor.
My 1981 Strat is an "oddball" from a time when Fender was trying to regain popularity in an increasingly competitive market place. Heavier than a standard Strat, she has sustain for days.
originally of New York, has a long respected history in the story of American Guitars. The House of Stathopoulo was founded in 1873 by a Greek violin and lute maker.
Epaminondas, known as "Epi" was the company president and son of the founder. By 1957 they had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gibson. This Les Paul style Epi has dual humbuckers that split to single coil and sound that can cut glass.
Les Paul Style Epiphone Solidbody
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