609 Los Olivos ~ Santa Rosa, California 95404
is the first independently developed custom home to be certified by the City of Santa Rosa as a "Green Building".

The City of Santa Rosa recently adopted a Green Building Program which certifies buildings built under the City’s own green building criteria. The residence located at 609 Los Olivos Road in Santa Rosa, completed the necessary certification inspection and is the first custom "Green Built" residence to receive certification by the City’s "Green Building Program".
The certification inspection was completed on August 3, 2005 and was conducted by Bill Mattinson, of the Sol Data Company, a "Green Built" Certified rater.
What is Green Building?
Green building has been defined as the practice of creating healthier and more resource efficient models of construction. It has also been defined as a whole building and systems approach to design and construction that employs construction techniques that minimize environmental impacts and reduces the energy consumption of a building while contributing to the health and productivity of its occupants.

Although there is no "one size fits all" definition or approach, green building techniques include using water efficiently, using renewable or recycled content in building materials, preserving natural vegetation and improving indoor environmental quality by using natural lighting and recycling techniques.
Total required qualifying points by the City of Santa Rosa to meet the "Green Built" criteria is fifty points (50). The residence at 609 Los Olivos received a total point count of seventy eight (78) points which is nearly a 56% increase over the required points necessary to become certified as "Green Built". The popularity of "green homes" has recently intensified. Energy efficiency and environmental conscientiousness have become top priorities to homebuyers. The goal of a "green home" is saving energy, minimizing water use, improving durability, reducing pollution, providing a healthier indoor environment, preserving natural resources and reducing home maintenance.

A list of our qualifying "Green Built" points:

  • Incorporated 15% recycled fly ash into concrete
  • ReUtilized concrete form boards
  • Utilized wood I joists for floors and ceilings
  • Utilized OSB for subfloors and sheathing
  • Utilized fiber cement siding materials
  • Provided an Energy Star dishwasher
  • Installed cabinetry for a recycling center
  • upgraded ceiling insulation to exceed Title 24 requirements
  • Installed recycled content, formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation
  • Utilized advanced infiltration reduction practices
  • Installed Energy Efficient Low – E Windows
  • Utilized duct mastic on all HVAC duct joints
  • Vented the range hood to the outside
  • Cleaned all ducts before occupancy
  • Installed 13 SEER or higher AC with a TXV
  • Installed AC with non-HCFC refrigerants
  • Installed a 90% AFuE Furnace
  • Eliminated wood burning fireplaces
  • Pre Plumbed for Solar Water Heating System
  • Installed Central Vacuum System
  • Utilized Low/No VOC paint on interior
  • Utilized rapidly renewable flooring material (bamboo)
  • Installed "Smart House" technology for energy efficiency purposes